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3 Problems That Will Reduce Your Car’s Horsepower Production

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Regardless of whether you use your car for track racing or commuting, you expect it to perform at a certain level. However, after years of use (and tens of thousands of miles), your car just doesn’t seem to be producing a sufficient amount of horsepower. Instead of continuing to settle for a sub-par driving experience, determine whether or not these three problems are preventing your car from operating efficiently and arrange for the necessary repairs: Insufficient Airflow Your car’s engine needs to receive a high volume of air to ignite the gas that’s sprayed through your fuel injectors. Without a sufficient volume of air, your engine will struggle to ignite fuel—which significantly reduces your vehicle’s horsepower production. The component that’s typically responsible for insufficient airflow is your air filter. Over time, your air filter’s pores become clogged with dust,...

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Buying Used Mack Trucks For Sale: 3 Factors To Look For

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Nearly 70% of all freight that is transported within the U.S. relies on the trucking industry. The trucking industry is constantly expanding, and many trucking companies are looking to employ new truck drivers to expand their company and take on more clients. The average truck driver in the U.S. earns $17.02 per hour. If you’re looking for new employment, consider joining the industry, but first, you’ll need to get your hands on used mack trucks that are for sale. Here are 3 factors that you should consider and look for before making a purchase. Inspecting the Condition of the Oil While most people may believe that inspecting the oil levels will be sufficient, it isn’t. It is important to inspect the condition of the oil, and perhaps even send in a sample for testing at a laboratory. The condition of the oil...

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