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3 Brake Issues That Cause Disc Thickness Variation

Posted by on Dec 5, 2014 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Your vehicle’s brake system has operated flawlessly for tens of thousands of miles. However, you’re now noticing that whenever you apply your brakes, you experience brake judder—a steady vibration throughout your steering wheel and seat. Brake judder is caused by disc thickness variation, which means the surface of one or more of your rotors is uneven. Inspect your brake system for these three issues to determine the cause of your vehicle’s disc thickness variation: Cementite Spots Cementite is a compound that forms when cast iron overheats and experiences a molecular change. During normal brake usage, your rotors typically won’t reach temperatures that are capable of causing cementite formations along your rotors. However, slamming on your brake pedal when you get cut off on the freeway, riding your brake pedal while descending a hill, and other extreme braking habits can...

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